Monday, 9 February 2009

I go to training twice a week,
I wear my canvas gi.
A coloured belt around my waist, my rank for all to see!

I line up in the dojo,
Seisa, Mokuso and Rei.
I stand quite still in Heiko dachi, and wait for Hajime.

The stress and strain of daily life,
I let the thoughts just go.
With empty mind and Kime, my form will surely flow!

I practice kicks for half an hour,
And then I do some more!
Four stages, like the sensei said, until every muscle’s sore!

And then some combinations, how much more can I take?
I find the strength, I yell Kiai,
And then we have a break!

When next we practice Bassai Dai,
I falter and I prance.
No matter how I seem to try, I can’t quite get that stance!

“Kokutsu Dachi coming forwards,
Then moving backwards too”.
“Now add the Shuto Uke, and all Kiai on Ju”!

The class is nearly over now, Mokuso, I close my eyes.
I think of all I’ve done tonight,
The lows and all the highs!

I know my journey’s just begun,
I’ve lessons yet to learn.
I’ve got a fair few goals to reach, and ranks I’ve still to earn.

And though I’ve got some work to do, before I reach 1st Dan.
I’ll come to class next week again,
And I’ll do the best I can!

By Pam Johnson